More About This Website

The Assisting Entrepreneurial Schools web site has been prepared by Openworld, Inc. as resource for communities to explore new market-sensitive learning initiatives.  It intends to offer a forum for peer-to- peer exchanges by learning entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

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Apply for "Seeds of Change" Microvouchers

Openworld is offering 500 microscholarships in coming months to fund digital "work-study" projects by students at entrepreneurial schools for the poor to create video clips on opportunities for sustainability. The initiative is funded by recent grants from John C. Whitehead, former coChairman of Goldman Sachs, Jack Pearce, and the Explorers Foundation. Explore the new Seeds of Change challenge offer and apply for the Seeds of Change resources.

How to Contribute to AES

Openworld welcomes your help in assisting grassroots schools in impoverished communities.  

Supporters interested in making tax-deductible contributions to the Assisting Entrepreneurial Schools and "Seeds of Change" initiatives can do so through the Explorers Foundation
(tel: +1 303-744-1855).

New toolkits for eAcademies

Openworld is developing an eAcademy toolkit, in CD/DVD and USB Flash drive formats, to assist entrepreneurial schools that have internet access. It will provide guidance for the local schools to offer language, business, and ICT skills development opportunities for success in online telework markets, and use Skpe and other online resources to access virtual tutoring and introductory work-study projects.  The toolkit will also offer advice on how entrepreneurial schools can move toward sustainability through public or private sector-contributed land grant endowments.